Media Coach Cam

Expert media interview training for professionals...

Learn how to master media interviews. Make them work for you. Go in with clear ideas and the confidence to let your product, service or brand shine. Through powerful group workshops or individualized private coaching sessions, Media Coach Cam sets you up for success. 

You'll be seamless, polished, charming and relaxed.  You'll know exactly what to say and how to say it. You'll be prepared for all mediums including interviews on television, radio and in print. Media Coach Cam offers practical and powerful strategies to capitalize on your media appearances. You'll deliver your message perfectly every time. Interviews can be FUN.  All sessions are done in person or online and tailored to you.  


Don't be 


Send me an email. I would love to hear all about what you do and how I can help you shine in the eye of the media. 


What to expect... 

Every coaching session is uniquely tailored to help you master the keys to a successful media encounter.  You will learn how to approach the media with confidence, clarity and charisma,  allowing you to control both your message and image. Most importantly, you'll learn how to clearly articulate your ideas in a memorable way. Whether it's light or heavy subject matter - there's an art to handling it all.

You will learn how to manage your key messages. You will learn how to keep the attention of your audience. You will learn how to anticipate what a journalist might ask. You will learn how to handle media interviews with ease. 


  • Media Interview Training - Basic to Advanced / Crisis communications
    For professionals,  business executives & CEO's, public relations professionals, a company spokesperson, professional athletes, actors, singers, authors, pageant contestants, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, police officers, politicians, government employees, lawyers, school administrations, hospital officials and more. 
  • Performance training (public speaking, radio/TV interviews, promotional videos)
    It's the number one fear, after flying of course. Public speaking and presentations. Through one-on-one mock sessions, Media Coach Cam will watch you rehearse your delivery and help finesse your performance. It all begins with identifying your weaknesses and playing on your strengths. There are ways to get up in front of a crowd or camera with confidence. Sometimes we need to re-set the way we perceive the crowd and the way we perceive ourselves. 

  • Speechwriting
    When we get up in front of a crowd, we want to wow them, inspire them, and leave them with some practical tools. We want it to be concise, classy and eloquent. For those who are not great with their words, Media Coach Cam writes speeches that are authentic, inspirational and memorable.  

  • The Golden Hour - How to attract the media
    A one-hour session that could transform your business. Learn insider tips and tricks on how to package your product or service in a way that is irresistible to the media. How do you pitch an idea the media can't turn down? How can YOU be invited to the show of your choice? You have a goal? Media Coach Cam will help you get there.  For entrepreneurs, CEO's, or anyone looking to gain media coverage for their product, service or initiative. Clients also learn ways to build a lasting relationship with journalists and TV producers. 
  • Corporate Sessions
    Intensive and strategic corporate media training sessions.
  • Event Speaker
    Colourful and thorough sessions covering a wide range of topics related to media interviews, and masterful communication techniques, delivered at conferences and workshops. 

About Media Coach Cam

My name is Camille Ross. 

I'm a former Morning Television Host and Network News Anchor with ten years of experience working in the high-pressure, deadline-driven world of breaking network news. From field reporting to the anchor desk with Global News and CTV News, I interviewed thousands of guests including celebrities, professional athletes, high profile politicians, authors and community newsmakers. That said, I know exactly what it takes for professionals to shine in the media. I harness years of experience as an interviewer to prepare my clients for what journalists will ask. I'll help you think like a journalist. 

On my spare time, I play the role of "Reporter / News Anchor" in blockbuster movies such as Nine Lives with Kevin Spacey among others. It's crazy. I know. But life is about trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone right? 

Speaking of comfort zones- media interviews can be incredibly nerve wracking- so good for you! My job is to help you understand how to navigate  interviews of all kinds. I know the media inside and out. I'll prepare you or your company for success based on a proven formula. 

I adore working with people, hearing their stories and seeing them succeed. I value honesty, integrity, perseverance and simply being kind to others.  When i'm done with you... the cameras are going to love you. 

I am based near Toronto, Canada, and work with clients from around the world using my online platform.