Top 5 Questions a journalist will ask in a media interview

It's just days or even hours before a media interview. 

You're going crazy. 

What will the journalist ask?

For most interviews, journalists always let their audience guide their questions. They will likely ask questions on the minds of their viewers, listeners,  or readers. In most cases, the questions follow a "common sense" formula.  Whether the subject matter is light and fun or serious and contentious, they will employ the 4W's and H method.

If it's a serious and contentious issue, here are some examples of what the journalist will likely ask: 

1. What
Example: What happened at the scene of the crime?
Example: What went wrong?
Example: What started the fire?
Example: What is your response to this disaster?

2. How?
Example: How did this happen?
Example: How many people were injured?
Example: How is the victim doing? 
Example: How will the city afford to pay for this mess?
Example: How will the hospital stop the spread of the virus?

3. Why?
Example: Why did this happen?
Example: Why were officials not at the scene sooner?
Example: Why were protocols not followed?
Example: Why can't the two sides come to an agreement?
Example: Why are the city's homeless shelters overflowing?

4. Who?
Example: Who is to blame?
Example: Who is responsible?
Example: Who is the suspect/victim?
Example: Who is going to pay for this? 

5. When? 
Example: When will the situation be rectified?
Example: When will construction be over? 
Example: When will the city have an answer?
Example: When will the documents be ready? 

If the topic is fun and light,  here are the questions a journalist will likely ask:

1. What?
Example: What is your product all about?
Example: What is the goal of your research?
Example: What does this award mean to you?
Example: What do you love most about what you do?
Example: What is the next step?

2. How?
Example: How did it all get started? 
Example: How did you come up with this idea?
Example: How can people get involved and help?
Example: How do you find the time to do this?

3. Why
Example: Why is it unique?
Example: Why do you do what you do?
Example: Why is this important? 
Example: Why should people support the cause?

4. Who?
Example: Who is this event for?
Example: Who will benefit from this charity?
Example: Who will be in attendance?
Example: Who will be headlining the show?

5. When?
Example: When will you expand? 
Example: When does the event take place?
Example: When will the next book come out?
Example: When will the results be in?

Good Luck!