Media Interviews - Basic to Advanced

Basic media training for clients looking to master the media interview and understand how journalists think and operate. Also offered is advanced and intensive media training for officials who are often in the eye of the media and must anticipate good or bad media coverage on any given day. You will learn how to strategically handle the hot seat, ensure you are in control of your messaging at all times, anticipate tough questions and manage crises in the media. 

Who is this for? Professionals,  business executives & CEO's, public relations professionals, a company spokesperson, professional athletes, actors, singers, authors, pageant contestants, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, police officers, politicians, government employees, lawyers, school administrations, hospital officials and more. 


Performance Training (Public speaking, radio and TV interviews, promotional videos)

It's the number one fear, after flying of course. Public speaking and presentations. Through one-on-one mock sessions, Media Coach Cam will watch you rehearse your delivery and help finesse your performance. It all begins with identifying your weaknesses and playing on your strengths. There are ways to get up in front of a crowd or camera with the ability to really stand out and get through to people. Sometimes we need to re-set the way we perceive the crowd and the way we perceive ourselves.


Corporate Sessions

Intensive corporate training sessions. Whether you're a police force, a city administration or school administration, I can ensure your employees have the specialized training they need to deal with the media on good and bad days.  Topics include, media relations 101, on-camera presentation, crisis management, relationships building and more. Sessions are tailored to suit your organizations needs. 


Event Speaker

Colourful and thorough sessions covering a wide range of topics related to media interviews, and masterful communication techniques, delivered at conferences and workshops. Contact me to discuss your needs and how we can tailor the presentation to your audience. 



When we get up in front of a crowd, we want to wow them, inspire them, and leave them with some practical tools. We want it to be concise, classy and eloquent. For those who are not great with their words, Media Coach Cam writes speeches that are authentic, inspirational and memorable.  


The Golden Hour

A one-hour session that could transform your business. Learn insider tips on how to package and promote your product, service or initiative in a way that is irresistible to the media. How do you pitch an idea they can't turn down? How do you get their attention? How can YOU be invited to the show of your choice? Could you become a regular contributor? If you have a goal- Media Coach Cam will help you get there. For entrepreneurs, CEO's, or anyone looking to gain media coverage for their product, service or initiative.